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Are you interested in participating? Please fill out the form below:

Apply to Likee US & CA

Apply to Likee UK

Starting dates: July 1st
Campaign Dates: 2-month campaign (July / August)

Must be over 18 years old and a US, CA, or UK resident to participate.

Deliverables (per month): 
- 30 hours of live streaming on Likee App
- 4 to 8 reposts on Social Media (Instagram or YouTube)

All creators selected will receive campaign instructions. Please don't start your posting requirement until you receive a green light from one of the members of our team.

We'll ask you to submit a sample video. All videos submitted are required to be screen recorded using the Likee app live feature and recording a live-broadcasting session for 5 minutes minimum. Unfortunately, the app does not allow exporting or saving live-streaming, so you can email us the video to with your Likee ID number on the subject of the email.

Contact us:
US & CA:

Text or call: ‪(401) 426-3076‬


Text or call: +44 114 212 3076


By accepting to participate in the campaign, you agree to:

- All the videos must be in accordance with the campaign rules below;
- Accept your videos might be used in Likee (Bigo) ads and/or client's social media posts;
- Broadcasting MUST fit the content segment of approval to be eligible for payment.

Set up your account with:
a. Name: Short and memorable profile name;
b. Bio: describe who you are + what kind of videos/broadcasting you make;
c. Profile pic: showcase your personality;
d. Socials: Link your other social media accounts.

- The payment will be made via PayPal;
- The compensation will be paid up to 30 days after the end of the campaign, upon incast receiving payment form client;
- inCast is not liable for any misconduct from their client nor creators.

In the event a creator fails to meet the required number of videos or otherwise breaches the terms of this agreement, inCast and Client may deduct fees as described below:
(A) Any unauthorized change(s) or Deletion has been made to creator's account without inCast or client prior written approval;
(B) Creators cease to remain active;
(C) Any creator fails to meet the minimum of 30 hrs broadcasting commitment, subject to not receiving payment;
(D) Any video published on the app or forwarded to the social networking service(s) for purposes of satisfying the minimum videos forwarding commitment are taken down, removed or otherwise deleted without inCast or client prior written approval.
(E) 100% of the videos/broadcasting per creator must match with the approved category.


Campaign Video Rules:

-  Broadcasting must be full-screen preferably vertical;
-  Video must be high-quality (nothing scratchy, grainy, inappropriate.etc);
-  Make sure your content looks bright, colorful and visually appealing;
-  Videos must have a strong right at the opening shot to hook the viewer;
-  Have a twist / unique ending to encourage viewers to come back for more;
- Captions:  clearly describe your video and do NOT spam the caption with unrelated hashtag;
- Caption must not exceed 150 Characters (including Hashtags);
- Caption must include #likeeapp partner (maximum of 3 hashtags per post);
-  Videos and captions must not include promotional material for your Instagram / YouTube account or any other social media accounts in the video;
- Videos must NOT have kids/babies on it;
-  Video and caption must not include a display of violence, weapons, pornography, nudity, sexual behavior, alcohol/tobacco abuse, vulgarity in behavior or language, cyberbullying, and extremely bloody/uncomfortable makeup effects;
-  Videos must adhere to app Community Guidelines and should NOT include the following or any activity
that could encourage users to do the same:
a. Violations of Intellectual property
b. Harmful or dangerous content
c. Graphic or shocking content
d. Illegal activities
e. Discrimination or hate speech
f. Nudity or sexual activity
g. Child safety infringement
h. Harassment or cyberbullying
i. Impersonation, spam, or other misleading content

inCast has the right to remove any creator that does not follow the campaign rules and requirements. 

Terms to be accepted:
(  ) Accept to broadcast 30 hours per month with a minimum of 15 different days within each month;
(  ) Accept to share 4 times per month, once a week, respecting creative instructions on my social media (Instagram Feed or Stories, or YouTube mention);
(  ) Accept to be part of the campaign for the duration of 3 months;
(  ) Accept that I can not be in any other Paid Partnership for other competitor apps such as TikTok, Live Me, Uplive, Hypstar, Kwai, Mico, Up Live,, etc., during the term of this Agreement. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube (“Social Media Platform”) are not viewed as Competing Products;
(  ) Accept the terms of service of incast:;
(  ) Tag @likee_official_global and and swipe-up link:


- The payment will be made via PayPal in US dollars;
- Paypal Fees already include, inCast is not responsible for PayPal fees deductions; 
- The compensation will be paid up to 30 days after the end of each month of the campaign;
- Payment will be issued upon receiving payment from our client;

- Payments below $10K on PayPal are not required by the payer to issue a 1099 form, as per IRS instructions all creators shall report all income regardless of incast 1099 issuance.

Partial Payment:
$500 for 30 hours of live, a minimum of 20 days, and 8 reposts in each month, for 3 months
$400 for 20 hours of live, a minimum of 15 days, and 8 reposts in each month, for 3 months
$300 for 15 hours of live, a minimum of 10 days, and 8 reposts in each month, for 3 months

Payment Structure:

Base rate $500/month + Bonus and Gifts equivalent $1 USD =  210 Beans. 


We have some definitions regarding the screenshots of your live reports and social media reposts. Please send us emails every Monday to with your Likee ID on the subject. The email should have your Likee live stats and information about your social media reposts. Please find more details below:


Please keep track of your live sessions and send us every Tuesday an email with all the screenshots of your live sessions and a simple summary like the one below:
Likee ID: 000000000

Date: 05/28/2020
Live time: 1:45:16

Date: 05/27/2020
Live time: 1:45:16
Live time: 0:48:23

When you finish a live session you'll see a screen like the one below. This is the screen you should take a screenshot and save to send us all together once a week:


When posting on your Instagram feed, please tag @likee_official_global and on your post and send us the link together with your Likee live stats summary by email.

If you're posting Instagram Stories, please tag @likee_official_global and as well and add the Stories to a Highlight with the name "Likee" on your profile. You can find more information about here: Story Highlights. We also want to kindly ask you to share with us the statistics of your Stories after 24 hours, just scroll up your screen while seeing the Instagram Story and you'll find the analytics. If you have a business profile, you can refer to this page: Instagram Insights.


We also recommend you use a call-to-action inviting your followers to watch your live session on Likee and add the swipe-up link so they can install the app for iOS or Android and follow your profile there.


It's very important we receive the information above to make sure you'll receive the full compensation.

Please only send us this information by email to, we're not receiving this information by DM or text message. We'll send you a reminder if we don't receive your email in the week.


We invited our content creator from the UK, Kiera Weathers, to talk a little bit about the Likee app. Kiera is doing a great job and she can help you to be successful in the campaign:


We hosted a webinar with the Likee team in July. If you've missed it, please check the video below. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the app, the events, the gifts, and the community guidelines.

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